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Easy Berthing SystemTM  
with the Moving Mooring Line
Aust. Patent 2009100424
Anchor Snubbers Specialty Shock Absorbing
Berth Lines
Basic Berth / Mooring Line Set Up Advice
MoorControl P/L Catamaran Street, Manly West Qld  Ph 07 33483930 (email preferred)
Contact us: sales@moorcontrol.com.au
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Now there really is a better way to drive your boat into its marina berth
Click on either image to see how effective the MoorControl System is
Download the full MoorControl Instructions
If you find the instructions useful, or intend to use them in any way
please use one of the PayPal buttons and pay $10 for them
If you then want us to make up your lines for you we can  deduct that $10 from the line price
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We supply everything you need, all Lines and Instructions, everything except driving the boat, but our Instructions and Handling Guide help with that too.
Berth Length All Australian Capital Cities
Up to 10metres $150 Postage included
Up to 12 metres $160 Postage included
Up to 15 metres $175 Postage included
Line Holder Stand (see below) $35 All States when purchased with a MoorControl System
Prices include postage by Australia Post (signature required)
Now just one price to all Capital Cities in Australia
and all postcodes in the same parcel charging zone.

For other areas email for a quote

Cleats not included
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Make Berthing Even Easier
With our only optional extra:

Just pvc pipe - Basic but Effective
The Line Stand is onlyavailable with a MoorControl System purchase as it requires the MoorControl lines for fitting to the berth
Line holder stand
No tools No drilling 
Purchasing Instructions
1. Find the price for your system (berth length)

2. Use our PayPal button to make your payment. (We simply use PayPal for payment not ordering).

3. Send an order email with mailing address to sales@moorcontrol.com.au
What about Boat Size and Line load Ratings? Click here to view  PDF explaining line and system load ratings
MoorControl is Not Just a Berthing Guide
MoorControl has been improved and is now three functions in one line set:
1.  The best Berthing Guide you've ever seen
2.  A Mooring Spring and Stopper to help you hold position in the berth
3.  A back up Mooring Line but with the same dynamic shock dissipating qualities as our 'Y" Lines
MoorControl is a system of better boat handling, supported by a simple but very effective rope guide line to make berthing and unberthing in marina pens easier and safer.
All MoorControl kits include comprehensive fully illustrated instructions on set up and use of the system and instructions,
plus tips and tactics for boat handling that would be hard to find anywhere else

Each Kit sold contains all that is necessary to use the MoorControl Easy Berthing SystemTM in any of the ways shown in our instructions
The only optional extra is our (very basic) pvc pipe line stand

Manoeuvring with rope lines is not new or unusual, in fact it is very difficult to get alongside
a wharf, dock or jetty against a wind, without using a manoeuvring spring.
Springs don't work for driving into a 'slot'
Read what just a few of our customers told us
after using the MoorControl System

MoorControl provides a "moving mooring line™"
which can be picked up or let go while the boat is moving,
without the need to stop.
MoorControl keeps the part of the boat it is secured to, alongside the berth,
but allows movement forward and backwards,
and enables the boat to be manoeuvred (pivoted) around that point for control

Your MoorControl Easy Berthing kit comes complete with everything you need including
all lines made from specially selected high strength low stretch polyester
comprehensive illustrated instructions
which not show you how to set up and use your MoorControl System
but also give you some of the best boat handling tips available

Why use MoorControl?
"I've been learning, practicing, and teaching  boat handling in a wide range of conditions
as part of my full time employment for over 20 years.
So I can confidently say that, THERE IS NO TRADITIONAL METHOD to safely berth a boat in a modern floating marina.
Check all the texts you can, every technique shown is for an approach to an open dock face NOT INTO A SLOT.
That has all changed now with the develpment of MoorControl.
Now you can use traditional proven handling methods to approach the begining of your berth
- which our extensive clearly illustrated instructions will also help with -
then use MoorControl the rest of the way."

Andrew Bartlett -MoorControl

See what's in our Instructions and Boat Handling Guide (PDF Use "Back" button to return to Home page)
Contact us: email - sales@moorcontrol.com.au
Also From MoorControl

Professionally spliced:-
Mooring Lines,Dock Lines, Berth Lines Boat Lines

See our new Dynamic Load Dissipating "Y Lines"

Are your Mooring Lines set up to fail?
See our Berth line set up page
Did you know

Allowing your lines to be subjected to Dynamic Loading (Sudden Stress) VOIDS the Breaking Strain of the rope
Find out why our new 'Y' Line combination lines are the stressless shock absorbing alternative

Anchor Snubbers

your winch instructions.  If you anchor on chain  you need one.
Buy safely on line with PayPal
Send email confirming details of your order &
Mailing Address to sales@moorcontrol.com.au
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Suitable for almost any boat - Power or Sail - Mono or Cat
Get the MoorControl system for your boat and your crew will love you for it!
No more running
No more jumping
No more yelling
No more stress

MoorControl gives you - more control - in your marina berth

Report any problems or provide feedback to

The Easiest Way You'll Ever Handle Your Boat Into a Marina Berth
For Berthing Bow in - or Berthing Stern in (Stern in suitable for Twin screw only)

and the

are Trademarks of MoorControl Pty Ltd

Marina Berth Marina Berth Marina Berth Marina Berth Marina Berth Marina Berth
Easy boat docking Easy boat docking Easy boat docking Easy boat docking Anchor Snubbers Anchor Snubbers Anchor Snubbers Anchor Snubbers

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Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Dock Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines Berth Lines
A new approach to handling a boat into or out of a marina berth
A new way to handle boats in marina berths
Finally a method that really works
We can't make the wind or transverse propeller thrust go away
But we can help you to handle your boat into or out of your berth, even in windy conditions,
with more confidence and safety than ever before
Don't risk a copy
Our kits are - low priced - have lines made up from rope specially selected for strength; low stretch; friction qualities;
long life in exposure to weather, and come in contrasting colours for easy identification of what to pick up -
are tested - and - come complete with a comprehensive set of instructions and handling tips, that could save you -
from some potentially costly mistakes.
MoorControl is the best boat handling help you can get
Not just more advice on how the experts do it
Real physical help from a berthing aid that works
We Make Marina Berthing Easy
In Almost Any Wind
Guaranteed !

 MoorControl is
The Easiest & Safest Way -
to Berth and Un-Berth -
Your Boat in a Marina
The MoorControl System is based around:-
A New Moving Mooring and Control Line
Not Just Rope
A Rope System
A Line that Actually Helps You Get Your Boat Into and Out of Your Berth
The Easiest Mooring Line to Pick Up and Secure at Your Berth
You Pick Up The Line and Secure It On the Move

So Simple, So Easy, So Effective

The Driver Concentrates on Driving,
The Deckhand Concentrates on One Line,
Scoops That Line Up and Secures it While the Boat Coasts into The Berth,
Once it's on, The Boat is Under Control


No Rushing Around on Deck,
No Jumping off the boat:-

You Can't Afford Not to Use :-


There simply is no better way of handling your boat into and out of your marina berth. Finally, an easier, safer way to handle a boat in a marina berth.

The answer to crosswind problems in marinas

If you're not using MoorControl you're taking too many chances

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