Anchor Snubbers
Take the load and shock
off your anchor winch
Rated Stainless Steel
Chain Hooks
Never use a shackle to secure a snubber
direct to chain - If it overloads and bends the pin
even slightly - you are stuck and won't be able to
remove the shackle without cutting it.
Profesionally Spliced
Direct to Strong
High Stretch Nylon Rope
We splice direct to the clevis pin with a tight splice maintaining rope twist.
A shackle and hard eye adds unnecessary bulk for a marginal increase in strength
A shackle introduces the risk of the pin working loose unless it is moused with sharp
dangerous wire - not good for something that is regularly handled
We use stainless steel Grab Hooks
Because we have found them to be
easy to use - and secure
We do not melt the ends of splice tags
Even radiated heat damages rope
We do understand
that the common practice of melting tags
has created an expectation of "neatness"
We have developed our own method
of finishing and binding.
Check the instructions for your anchor winch - You should be using a Snubber
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Hook Size for 5/16 (8 mm) Chain
12 mm 3 strand Nylon rope (2900 kg rated )
Line length All Australian Capital Cities
2.5 metre $60.00 Postage included
3 metre $62.00 Postage included
3.5 metre $64.00 Postage included
4 metre $66.00 Postage included
Hook Size for 3/8 (10 mm) Chain
14 mm 3 strand Nylon rope (4000 kg rated )
Line Length All Australian Capital Cities
2.5 metre $70.00 Postage included
3 metre $73.00 Postage included
3.5 metre $76.00 Postage included
4 metre $79.00 Postage included
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You will not find a better quality Anchor Snubber
You probably won't find another Snubber for the price

If you have any doubts about our snubbers or the rope sizes please ask us and let us explain
how they have been carefully chosen for the job

Why do you need an Anchor Snubber?
1./   To take the load off your anchor winch. - and avoid winch damage
Anchor winches are designed and made to lift anchor and chain up from the bottom, not to hold a boat in place against the sudden heaving and jerking forces that a boat experiences at anchor due to the effects of sind and waves.  Anchor winches have override clutches to protect them from excessive loads, when they are adjusted correctly they will slip momentarily from time to time whilst recovering the anchor, it's just a sign of the load.  When a whinch clutch is tightened sufficiently to hold a boat at anchor, it's not able to protect the winch shaft or other components.

Anchor loads should be taken on  a suitable deck fitting, a cleat or a bollard.
2./   To act as a shock absorber on your anchor chain.
Even if your vessel has a guillotine or similar anchor chain retaining device, we still recommend the use of a snubber so that the natural stretch of the Nylon Rope can act as a shock absorber when that strong blow comes in overnight and the chain snatches and straightens and hits your deck bolts and deck with oll the inflexible force of steel.  It's harder to break a brick with a nylon hammer than with steel, it still gets hit hard, but there is a difference.
3./   To reduce annoying anchor chain noise
4./   To provide added security for a stowed anchor. 
Failure to properly secure a stowed anchor can have catastrophic effects if it self releases under way.
Our Anchor Snubbers are made in Australia
We use Rated Stainless Steel Clevis Chain Hooks
Professionally spliced direct to Nylon Rope
Our Anchor Snubber Lines have a 500mm long loop
spliced into the boat end for easy use
When selecting the length make sure to allow enough line to have the chain hook at least a metre past the anchor roller with the loop doubled around your deck cleat or bollard
Berth Line Set Up Advice
How to Avoid Some
Common Problems 
  Hand Spliced
Black Polyester
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