Here's what some boat owners have to say about their experience with MoorControl


Hi Andrew

 Due to a number of circumstances, I have not used the yacht  very much since installing your product, however I have had the opportunity to test it over the past couple of weeks.

 I installed a post at the end of the arm the white line is hooked on the post when departing the Marina and upon returning my wife picks the rope off the post and hooks the line over the middle cleat on the yacht, as I reverse into the berth. This keeps the yacht close to the Marina arm whilst I reverse in and prevents  it drifting onto the adjoining vessel. Once in the berth I have time to comfortably step off and connect the berthing lines whilst, the MoorControl line keeps the vessel alongside

 I am very pleased that I made the small investment in MoorControl, as it has taken away the concerns I used to experience when reversing into the berth.


C James
Bella Vista NSW



We have a 46' Sea Ranger with twin 3208 Caterpillar diesels. No thrusters. She is a large volume boat and a lot of windage.
She has had a single walled jetty berth for the 13 years we have had her and berthing was not too difficult but we tried always to return to the berth when the winds were at their lightest.
The marina at Kettering in Tasmania is undergoing a major makeover and our new berth is of the floating pontoon type which is much lower than our previous berth and is broadside on to the prevailing winds. The height of our vessel was a complication in retrieving lines from the pontoon. Previously the non floating berth had a half wall on which our springer and stern line could be easily retrieved.
Even with that arrangement had to leave the helm asap as my wife has a back problem and can manage light line only.
For the new berth we have fitted and now used the Moor Control a number of times in a bow in berthing set up port side to. Once the light moor control line is secured to the midships cleat the boat simply glides in whilst I attend to the permanent lines without undue haste as the set up also acts as a forward motion stopper. We have a walkway either side of the vessel hence my purchase of a second Moor Control for the starboard side to cater for a windshift from that direction.
We are very happy with the system and recommend it to our fellow boaters as a simple yet fundamental feature of making boating less stressful.

Kettering , Tasmania


We absolutely love boating..beautiful peaceful weekends, relaxing looking at the water…cares of the tough working week melting away…..
BUT as the time to head home approaches the tension starts to return!
And with good reason, no matter what sort of berth, blow on blow off, how many discussions were had, how much advice was given; a perfect berthing was a rarity indeed. More often than not it would end in tears!
And believe me there were some disasters. I have ended up in the water with a broken shoulder and sprained ankle, cut, bruised and bleeding!
The ordeal of berthing would invariably spoil what had been a beautiful weekend. If the wind was blowing the wrong way we would end up yelling and screaming, blaming each other for a failed attempt! Trips home in the car could be very icy indeed.
But that was before moor control! With moor control it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing or how hard, mooring is a breeze. One rope is all that has to be picked up and tied off..and the boat is secure! It can’t go further forward or backward (depending on if you are driving or reversing in).
Then calmly tie off bow and aft ropes and you are home and hosed! It can actually be done with a glass of charddy in one hand and the boat hook in the other!
The peace of mind is amazing! Believe you me! It is the best money you will ever spend on your boat! Andrew was wonderful, even setting up the ropes for us and showing us the best berthing approach!

Cannot speak highly enough of MoorControl!

Sue and Tony Hawthorn
Calypso Bay Qld.


Hi   Just an update on the moor control system. My vessel is a 37 foot Riviera Flybridge we use on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater.
It is berthed at Cabarita D'Alboro which is one of the least protected marinas in windy weather.
Our berth is the wrong side for prevailing winds so berthing in windy conditions was always a drama.
My crew is my wife, I am 56 years and she is 54 years with the usual age related injuries preventing nimbleness.  

My wife thinks it is great and takes the stress out of berthing.

Regards   John Turner
Cabarita NSW


Hi Andrew, The MoorControl works as advertised, so far I havent bent any stainless or damaged any fibreglass.  

Ian Marden.


Hi Andrew   "The MoorControl system is a simple but very effective device that makes mooring your boat easy. The MoorControl system takes the worry out of mooring your boat especially if you are boating alone"  

John Cottis