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What size boat is MoorControl rated to?


We don’t give a boat size related rating. Unlike mooring lines used to hold a boat, or a traditional manoeuvering 'spring', which should be of the correct rating. See our mooring line page for some indication of mooring line ratings required for your boat.

Because the MoorControl berthing guide rope system is just that, a guide rope, used to assist in manoeuvring a boat safely into a berth. Also, the way the system is set up, the movement allowed in the system dissipates a lot of energy without applying direct strains into the lines.

Even though, the manufacturer ratings on the rope we use is 2200kg and 3000kg. probably stronger than many deck or pontoon fittings but sufficiently light enough to provide some 'give'.

Generally speaking, if your boat is too big for a MoorControl to handle you probably don’t berth it in a marina finger

I've looked on your Mooring Line page and I see that the lines on your Moorcontrol Berthing Guide are lighter than the mooring lines rated for many boats, how can that be right?  

Yes the moving 12mm line is lighter than the required mooring line rating for many boats on which it will be used as a berthing guide. Let us explain.

Firstly, this is because, much like the answer to the previous question, the MoorControl Easy Berthing System Guide is not a mooring line, it is a guide line which prevents a boat from being 'drifted' sideways by wind or eddy currents in a marina. Mooring lines need to have sufficient reserve strength to withstand continual strains which are placed upon them while preventing movement of a boat caused by wind or wave action, and need to be able to retain the vessel there in extreme conditions.

Secondly, The movement allowed on the guide line make it very difficult to generate a static load on the MoorControl Easy Berthing Guide which would approach let alone exceed the breaking strain of the lines used.

Thirdly, Even if someone managed to find a position and movement which could overload the MoorControl Easy Berthing Guide, this would not be during normal use of the system, however if this were achieved, and if the boat and pontoon fittings held that much load, the end result would happen with over 2 tonnes less energy than would have happened without the MoorControl. Therefore the MoorControl would have greatly reduced any negative outcome by absorbing so much energy.

Your Moving line is only 12mm, that can't be big enough for my boat, can it?  
Our MoorControl Berthing Guide lines are made from Polyester rope which is very strong for its diameter, the white 12mm moving line is actually made from a 'high tenacity' tightly wound polyester which gives this line a strength between those of 16mm and 18mm 'Silver' (polyethelene) staple rope which is the most commonly used. This means that this strength rating combined with the strain relieving movement built into the guide makes the 12mm the best balance between strength, sufficient thickness to hold onto for handling, and thin ehough for the smallest deck fittings or to 'share' space on a cleat or bollard with another mooring line.  

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